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Measurements should be taken in inches

1. - Shoulders: Measure width of back from end of one 
shoulder bone to the other shoulder bone.

2. - Length of jacket: Measure from collar bone to where 
belt ends.

3. - Chest. Measure around chest with two fingers inside 
the tape measure

4. -Abdomen: Measure tightly around abdomen.

5. -Arm length: Length of sleeve should be measured from 
shoulders to 1/2 inch above knuckles

* NOTE: If person has heavy arms or biceps, please note 
the measurement accordingly.
Measurements should be taken in inches.

1. - Pant Length: Let tape measure fall from lower 
waist band to the ground without pulling on it.

2. - Waist: Measure around the waist with two 
fingers inside the tape measure.

3. - Hips: Measure around the hips 1. 1/2 inch 
above where the zipper ends with two fingers 
inside the tape measure.

4. - Knees: Measure around the knee without 
pulling the tape measure with two fingers inside 
the tape measure.

5. - Ankle: Measure around the ankle. Loosely

6. - Bell-Bottom: Measure from heel around to the 
arch without pulling on the tape measure.

*. -Note: if person has heavy thighs,please note the 
measurement accordingly.
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